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Membership Info

SMC is a non-profit car club. Our operating funds come from our $30 per year, per household membership dues. Any membership will be considered a household membership. All current family members per household are entitled to all club privileges. Dues will be due January 1st of each year. Membership will consist of those interested in the preservation of the Ford Mustang. Ownership of a Mustang is not required for membership.

Our monthly events for our members are generally held on Saturdays. Usually the 3rd or 4th Saturday of the month but may vary due to holidays, or availability of a specific tour ect. if that is being scheduled as part of an event, or the committed availability of a club officer or member able to run the event.

Members have access to some discounts currently in place for our members at National parts or supply businesses. These can change and may be discontinued at any time.

Membership may be terminated at any time due to:

  • • Voluntary resignation
  • • Delinquent dues (over two months)
  • • Violation of state or local laws
  • • Any reason deemed detrimental to the purpose or reputation of the club

The Siouxland Mustang Club will do its best to organize and set up fun events for club members. We are also open to any assistance from club members that would like to participate in event planning or organization of the club itself to help create a club everyone is excited to be a part of. We take pride in running well organized and fun events for everyone to enjoy.

We do try to host 1-2 events per year open to the Mustang community in our area to help spread the word about our club and give us a chance to meet other Mustang owners in the area. These are also a lot of fun and help spread the word on our club.

If you have any additional questions please e-mail us at


Club Sponsors

Sioux City
Ford Lincoln
(712) 277-8420